# Charity

# How is the charity voting done?

Charity voting will be done on our dApp, where the majority of the voting power will go to our holders. Holders can vote for what charity they want the current donation to go to where each wallet will account for one vote. The wallet must hold atleast $50 of $GVG (combined in both the Polygon Network and the BSC). The remaining voting power will be done through our official social medias in an attempt to gain more attraction to Gving and the donations.

# How come the charity tax is only 2%, while reflections are 5% on buys and sells?

We believe it is important to strike a balance between incentive and charity, as this will help $GVG give back to the world long term. We've put aside 50% of all tokenomics coming from buys/sells and transfers to give back to the world. The 5% set to reflections is made to increase incentive of buying the token, which has a great impact on the price and volume. This results in the 2% for charity gaining more value than it would if the entire 7% was set to charity as no incentive would be provided to the holders.