# Whitepaper

Gving utilizes multiple blockchains and provides a deflationary token, backed by a volume enhancing play to earn (P2E) wagering system, which continuously donates to vital causes worldwide through community polls.

Gving is about giving back to the world. A percentage of each transaction is allocated to a multi-signature wallet which is used to give back to charitable organizations decided by the community through a voting system on our Dapp. Cryptocurrencies are an attractive asset to donate due to decentralisation providing remote aid through a robust and stable payment solution.

Gving revolves around the community through a rewarding technology implemented to give back to the holders of the community, and give holders a voice through hosting community polls to determine what charitable organizations receive contributions.

Gving provides a growing decentralized gaming site hosted on the Polygon chain, providing lightning fast transaction speeds. Holders can wager their tokens and play luck based games to further enhance volume of the token whilst contributing to charity donations.

The Gving token features a cryptocurrency mechanism known as reflections to give back to our holders. Just by holding $GVG you will receive passive reflections in a token tethered to the US Dollar, making this passive income immune to crypto market fluctuations.