# Contract Features

Our contract includes many great features to maintain its security and integrity. Some of the features are listed below:

# Anti Whale 🐋

Our contract contains an anti-whale mechanism that is deployed to prevent any holder from having a wallet larger than 1% of the supply. This mechanism works through intercepting any buys and ensuring the recieving wallet's value doesn't go over 1% before confirming that transaction.

# Anti Bot 🤖

Our contract includes an anti-bot measurement to ensure our presale and launch does not get taken over by bots. The way this works will remain confidential to prevent bots and bot users from understanding its mechanism and to prevent them from countering it.

# Bridges 🌉

Our bridges allow users to seamlessly swap cross-chain between the Polygon Network and the BNB Chain to allow the user to hold their tokens wherever they prefer. This also allows users from the BNB Chain to onboard to the Polygon Network, where the majority of our ecosystem exists.

View our contracts directly on the blockchain through the link below.

🔒 Coming Soon